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The girliest of cars, the Audi TT, got a new, more Thoroughbred, Faster model of the TTS. Carrying on with the tradition with the RS models, it was this, the TT-RS.

Both in Coupe and Roadster form, this car brought back the Legacy of the 80's Quattro Models, with their High powered 5-Cylinder Engines. This is reflected on the TT-RS's engine, a 2.5 Litre, 5-Cylinder Engine. It produces 335bhp which is incredible for a car the size of an egg. It's more than a lot of Porsches.

As this model is the Coupe, it's 0-60 time is 4.5 seconds, which is also very incredible. However, due to the fact it's German, it has the top speed of 155mph. De-Limited though, it can do 174mph. The TT-RS is the first RS model to not be built in Germany. It is built, like all TT's, in Hungary.

The Gearbox is a 7-Speed DSG, not the same 6-Speed as the TTS uses. This is because the TTS's Gearbox cannot cope with the Engine's Torque on the TT-RS. The TT-RS gets features from the B7 RS4 such as a 'Sport' button, which sharpens the throttle response and deepens the exhaust note, and a three-stage user-selectable Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). The TT-RS is being sold in Europe right now, and will be on US shores in Q3 2011.

Anyway, about this spot. This is my first Audi TT-RS i've seen and Spotted. It was Parked at Clifford's Tower. A Really Awesome car i think. It came in White and with the Grey 5-Spoke wheels like on the RS5. It was also owned by a Lady, who is very lucky!! She thought i was doing something bad to the car but i was only doing videos. I told her that and she was fine with it. She also let me video record her start-up of this car too.

This is one of a few Start-Ups i will be showing you. My first TT-RS ever, and what an experience too. Hope you enjoy the Video!

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Shot at HD 720p and 14 Megapixels, Uploaded at full HD 1080p

Song Name: Big Bass Inc – Driving Place

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