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On Saturday, i had the experience of filming what is, Bentley's new Flagship vehicle at the June Horse Racing meeting at the York Racecourse. This is, a Black Bentley Mulsanne!

The Mulsanne was named after the Main big straight at the Le Mans Racing Circuit. The Main Straight being where the Le Mans cars had been reaching their Top Speed. Bentley Called this the Mulsanne because of their Historical Racing Pedigree, which included 5 Racing Victories.

Replacing the Arnage, the Mulsanne is fitted with the Same 6.75 Litre, Rolls-Royce sourced V8 as used in the Arnage, now with about 500bhp. This Engine can propel the car from 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds, onwards to a top speed of 184mph. Incredible for a 2.6 Tonne Car. The best thing about the Engine though, is it's Shear Torque, 750lb/ft of it. More than most cars sold nowadays, beating Most Supercars.

Each and every Mulsanne takes about 9 Weeks to build, and can be chosen in 114 Paint colours, 21 carpet colours, nine wood veneers and 24 interior leather hides. That's a lot of Customisation. The Mulsanne is far more technologically Advanced than the Arnage, with Naim premium audio system complete with MP3 compatibility, Bluetooth and advanced MMI capability. All this gear, all this car, is sold at £220,000 in GBP, this is even before Delivery and taxes come in.

Such an awesome car, it's unbelievable that i could film it here in York. The Mulsanne is more for the Likes of London, Dubai and Switzerland, but not York. And apparently, it's also a Local Car. Someone is really rich. This is such a Brilliant car to see. After a few Months, it has grown on me with the looks, and i believe it just looks absolutely gorgeous. Every single aspect is stunning.

It even caught the eye of many other spectators coming into the event as well, a Couple with a Baby even wanted to have a Gander at it, and i can see why. A Masterpiece, one of the Most expensive cars i've recorded here in York, along with Phantoms and a small selection of Supercars. I hope to see another one of these very soon

Anyway. Enjoy the Video!

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2) E.S Posthumus – Unstoppable

Shot at High Definition 720p and 14 Megapixels, Uploaded at Full High Definition 1080p.

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