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Hi Everyone ,

This is the most anticipated model & also my favourite Audi's luxury sport limosine to drive on the open road & it just amazing & awesome feeling.
Under neath the skin is Lamborghini Gallardo 5.2 Litre V10 powerplant with 450bhp , max torque is 540 Nm.Permanet quattro ( all wheel drive ) system which has been Audi's heritage.
Power distribution is 40% at the front & 60% at the rear.I fall in love every inches of it from the front to back.
I really salute & respect the hard work & creativity from the design team to come out such beauty.

Please contact the friendly & generous En.Rosli Aziz at 019-2118008 by email rosniaga8008@yahoo.com for pricing & others.

Thankyou ,


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