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Just a little clip of me playin my TT twista.. BTW that would be cool lisence plate.. Mods: drilled and slotted brake kit, Forge BOV, custom intake sponsored by auto zoneLOL, 18'' 8×18 front 8.5×18 in the back for a staggered look along with 10mm wheel spacers, stock downpipe, catylitic conv, just put 3''x10'' DC baffeled tips, boost gauge, … The Its got about 235HP not alot but enough for a daily driver. I figure that turbo slug sticker adds at least 15 on top of that….LOL I know its not much but I take care of it and even though theres nothing to really see under the hood I did outrun a 05 350z from 0-100MPH.. OHHH cluster was replaced so miles are wrong and heat and gas guage are both a 1/4 of a gauge too high.. I tried to fix it but theres not a way without replacing everything….

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