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I was just walking through town, minding my own business. I was gonna go to a car park to see what would be there, then SUDDENLY…..

…I turned my head around and i could see this car, a Bentley. I Quickly Whipped my Camera out and started recording it. I Didn't know what type of bentley it was, maybe a Brooklands, maybe a Turbo. I Saw the Badge and it said that it was a "Turbo R".

This was also a Wedding car too. It had the Tape around the Bonnet and also had what appeared to be the Bride and Groom inside the actual Vehicle. The Bentley was driving through "StoneBow" and then took a left on "Fossgate" as i saw it coming.

Anyway, quite a shock to see one of these come by, A Beautiful Car with a Married couple in it

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