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2011 Bentley Mulsanne
Focal Utopia Kit 7 3-way Front
Focal Utopia WRC Rear
Mosconi 300.2
Mosconi 200.4
Mosconi 200.2
Mosconi 6to8 Processor
3 JL Audio W6V3 subs

Part 2 of this series…. a little bit of eye candy for my viewers. This is what a $5500 3 way component set looks like. The ear candy will be in the third video. The speakers installed in the car are not visible at all so that's why I showed them in the first video as well as this one. I felt very honored to get called down to shoot something that Sage and Don spent so much time on. Video 3 will be very long due to several demos and lots of footage of the vehicle. Thanks for watching!

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