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The new Bentley is a supercar combining extreme power with pioneering FlexFuel technology. A muscular two-seater with distinctive exterior and interior styling that is unmistakably Bentley in its design, craftsmanship and performance. This is a car created through the continuing desire to reach new limits.

This is the Continental Supersports.

The Continental Supersports represents a perfect relationship between engineering and design with the enhanced iconic GT looks reflecting and heightening the supercar performance.

The Continental Supersports began as an under the radar project exploring the possibilities of reducing weight to realise the full potential of the cars already formidable W12 power unit.

The project resulted in a car re-engineered, re-tuned and re-mapped to achieve phenomenal supercar potency. 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds (0-100km/h 3.9 seconds). 621bhp (463kW/630PS). 800Nm (590 Ib ft) @ 1700 to 5600rpm.

The fastest, most powerful Bentley ever.

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