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So here is the second Bentley I sat in at GC Motors, this one is a Brooklands. This car is very rare, as they only made 550, and it is handcrafted by Mulliner. In the flesh this car is beautiful, and incredibly long, with all the windows down it just looks even cooler. The only thing I wasn't keen on was the wheels, but the Brooklands was available with a different choice of wheels. Other than that I think it's an incredible looking car, the attention to detail is amazing, and the interior even more so. The interior of this particular car being in a Dark Blue, which just looked incredible. Inside it is a lot like the Continental, but a lot bigger and you get more equipment, such as a remote control for operating the multimedia device. The interior is a very nice place to be, and is homely. Overall the car feels very solid, and the doors are quite heavy, when you shut the door it makes a thud sound, which sounds a bit like someone getting slapped in the face. Sorry about me saying "Turbo dials" in the video, don't know why I said that, probably the excitement of seeing such great cars makes you forget about essential things. But this was an incredible car to sit in, I can't believe I got to sit in one. This is now my 2nd one to spot, as I spotted on on the roads about a month back. But anyway that's all for now, but there is a few more GC Motors video's left. Thanks for watching.

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