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AWE Tuning sets another benchmark with the AWE Tuning TT RS SwitchPath™ Exhaust System. This system has the sophistication and tone that will make your hair stand on end.

And since the system is SwitchPath, it changes personality by employing AWE Tuning's proprietary mechanical valve system. In essence, the AWE Tuning SwitchPath system is a Track Edition and a Touring Edition — all in one:

The SwitchPath system changes volume from "Touring" to "Track" levels naturally based on boost levels. So when you hammer it, it hammers back.

With a press of the AWE Tuning SwitchPath Activator, you can be in "Track" from the word go, regardless of speed, throttle or boost. When you want to turn heads in traffic.

The AWE Tuning SwitchPath™ Exhaust System's on-demand adaptability can take you from Monday morning to Friday night with the touch of a button. It truly is the most unique TT RS system on the market today. Learn more, here:

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