Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible is the fastest four seat convertible in the world. 202 mph 616 HP a W12 Engine under the hood an eight speed transmission and a driving experience you will not likely forget!
Before we get in to test drive it there is a few things I should mention. The cost of this car is $277.995 so you better check your insurance policy. We should also take a look at what is under the hood. This monster of the engine is a 6 Lt. W12 engine that has twin turbochargers. Instead of having two banks of six cylinders in the engine it have 4 rows of 3 cylinders making the engine much shorter and allowing Bentley to balance the car better by keeping the weight further back. It makes a huge difference then driving this car.
Enough of the technical mumbo jumbo, I'll grab a couple of phone books to sit on them and then we can get driving. Bentley claim that the 0-60 times in this car are 4.1 seconds, but my general feeling is they underestimate the car. I have seen time that are closer to 3.9 seconds
This generation is up 16 HP to 616 from 600. I am not sure why we would care about anything over 600 HP
For those green minded drivers Bentley has decreased the fuel consumption and c02 output by 15% From the front the Continental GT Speed Convertible is menacing, Four headlight and the cross hatch grill make this car a Bentley. But it's not ostentatious. It's the kind of car that makes people do a double take when you see it on the road.
The trunk or boot space as Bentley label it is a little small, but the downstairs staff at Downtown would be bringing the luggage along later.. The overall presence of the car is wide and powerful, as accented by the square wide hips
The top opens and closes with ease and folds away neatly in it's own compartment hiding away without any complicated interruptions into the trunk space
The looks are somewhat camouflaged of the car but don't be fooled by the stately looks, there is a large beast waiting to get out once you get behind the wheel. This is a true performance car
The first thing you notice is the acceleration. People love to get up next to you and see who is driving. But with such a fast 0-60 time you leave the looky loos in the dust
A top up drive in the cooler climates is quite and you still have a good view of the road even though the rear window. But the real fun begins with the top down and it's remarkably quiet. It's effortless to drive and not hard to reach over a 100 miles per hour without noticing
Through turns it handles well, but it's heavy and is a big car, but the brakes slow you down without any effort. The car has an adjustable suspension that can be done on the screen. It's hard to tell the difference between the each setting. In the driver screen and the main screen you get all your modern conveniences,
Checking out the back seat is very important in cars like this. If you are going to pay for four seats you want to be able to use them
Lets face it. I am only 5 foot 4 inches, But in truth if you are over 6 foot this back space is going to be tight for any journey over 10 miles. So what do we love above our Bentley. Pretty much everything. It's unique, not ostentatious but bold, It so beautiful on the inside. The seats and the gear shifter especially, and the drive is a dream come true. The perfect car for your dream garage!

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