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Alfa Romeo 2000 (series 102) is a car produced by Alfa Romeo as a successor to the 1900.
First displayed in 1957 at the Turin auto show.The engine was an enlarged version of the 1900´s four-cylinder displacing now, 1975 cc. The cast-iron block and aluminum head engine Dated back to the 1940's. As installed in,the Sprint and Spider it produced 115 PS (85 kW; 115 hp) at 5900 rpm with two Solex sidedraft carburetors. The 2000 Spider gear box was a 5
speed with the shifter located in floor. Until 1961 it was pure two seater when 2+2 seater came available, again seats for legless children. The lovely Spider was designed and built by Touring coach works. Only 3,443 of the Spider and 704 of the Sprint were sold worldwide because of their premium pricing.
The 2000 was replaced by the six-cylinder Alfa Romeo 2600, produced from 1961. No where near as lovely as the Touring built cars, they looked heavy and ponderous in comparison to the 2000 beauty. Performance 1,975 cc 8.5:1 115 bhp 110 mph (180 km/h)

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