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1/8 Scale Bentley BR2
Ignition: Glow
Bore: 5/8 in.
Stroke: 7/8 in.
Displacement: 43.2 cc
Max RPM: 6,000
Book by Lew Blackmore:
Building the 1/4 Scale Bentley B.R.2
This engine was built from the drawings and machining instructions found in Lew Blackmore's book for the quarter scale engine. Dimensions were halved and allowances were made where that wouldn't work, such as with using standard sized ball bearings. It was originally equipped with spark ignition, but that had to be abandoned due to the close distances between the high voltage and ground. It was converted to glow using homemade plugs with a 5-40 thread. Commercial plugs were taken apart and the filaments rewelded into the new bodies. The engine runs extremely well and will turn over 6000 rpm. Rotary engines are my favorites.

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